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What Our Clients Say


My surgeon sent me to 5focus and he was right! It is a long way to travel for me but it is well worth it! Jen is an expert physical therapist, she is so thorough and tracks and encourages my progress in such a careful manner that I feel fortunate to be her client. She is very engaged in listening, measuring and tracking the progress of her clients. Without Gary and his stretch therapy I would probably have had a knee replacement a year ago.  He is magic and a master of his craft.  He is steady and professional and I will be forever grateful for his care and treatments.  He has taught me so much about managing and preventing pain.

- MW, Bellevue

After beginning Kinesis Interval Training Classes I noticed improved core strength in 8-10 weeks. Taking the classes 2-3 times weekly builds your strength, while taking one class weekly maintains it. I notice improved endurance in my running and improved balance in yoga.

- TB, Ballard

Jen is an expert in every way that a patient could want – she sees and treats the whole picture. Her patients get undivided attention. During my work with Jen, it is important to note how positive and optimistic the Physical Therapy made me feel – every session involved multiple types of treatment that were designed by Jen to move me forward (whether it was deep tissue work, strengthening, or otherwise). She knew how to tell you to monitor your limits and test your limits. Jen provides practical, hands on advice.

- CG, Queen Anne

At 5focus Kinesis classes, you get individual attention and you get motivated from other students. The size of the class max 8 is the best! I like how each instructor is different and uses their personality and traits to find different ways to motivate and encourage students. The thing that I love about the instructors is THEY WATCH YOU! They adapt their exercises/routines if you are injured and they correct your technique if you are doing it wrong.

- JP Magnolia

The best massage experience ever! Ellen literally changed my life! I suffered from 5-6 debilitating migraines a month. Haven’t had one once since the second treatment with Ellen. It’s been 6 months. She specializes in cranial massage and is amazing!

- SL, Queen Anne

Shortly after beginning Kinesis Interval Training, I noticed that my waistline became firmer and more toned. I also became stronger from an aerobic perspective. And I became stronger at all core work, such as holding planks. The location is great. The people who work at 5focus are warm and friendly and make you feel like you belong at 5focus. It doesn't have the cold anonymity of many gyms. You also aren't self-conscious if you are over-weight and out of shape. It isn't that kind of place. Also, the instructors are good at working with you when you have injuries and making adjustments so you can still get a solid work out. I like the fast pace of the work outs and how they are not monotonous.

- LH, Queen Anne

SOMA massage is special because it completely realigns the body from head to toe. Prior to SOMA I had a lot of low back and bilateral knee pain and used to have to wear orthotics to help minimize these issues. The SOMA series starts at the feet and works up the body breaking up fascial adhesions that have developed over time from prior injuries or overuse. The end result for me was that my body was realigned. I noticed decreased recovery time for workouts because my muscles were recruiting more efficiently. But more importantly, my low back and knee pain was gone.  I no longer wear orthotics. I even measured 1/2" taller at my annual physical exam because my posture had improved as result of SOMA. Since completing the SOMA series, I see Gary for individual sessions if I'm feeling muscle tension or soreness from overuse. He incorporates portions of SOMA into my treatments to target the affected area and keeps me moving efficiently and pain free! He is a master at what he does!

- LW, Queen Anne

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