Our customer promise

Hugieia (u-gee-EE-ah)

“Be Whole, Be Sound, Be Blessed”

~Pythagorean Greeting 500 B.C.

The 5focus philosophy

5focus specializes in offering you the best means to restore balance to your life. Our experts partner with you to advance your body, heart, and mind to a better state and improve your quality of life.


Hugieia.  Welcome to 5focus Movement Studio.

Our name

What does 5focus mean?


The circle and star in our logo symbolize wholeness.


The term “Hugieia” represents the number 5 and our business’ goal of assisting people toward sound health.


The word focus describes the mental concentration and physical effort necessary for success in reaching a goal.

Our owners

Jeff and Laura Robinson

Laura and Jeff Robinson founded 5focus movement studio 2007 in an effort to “give back” to the greater Seattle community. Laura competed in track and field as a collegiate athlete and graduated with a B.S. in nutrition and also an M.S. in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University.


Jeff enjoyed a lengthy career in the National Football League, including the Seattle Seahawks, and as a result worked with many different strength and endurance training philosophies. They have worked hard to create a sustainable business that benefits both 5focus staff and clients.


Laura's Bio


Jeff's Bio