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Seattle Interval Training Instructors

Our expert instructors provide an exceptional workout experience and quality individual attention for all fitness levels. We partner with you to advance your body, heart, and mind to a better state and improve your quality of life.




When she earned her personal training certification, Chona knew she wanted to teach Kinesis. She strives to create classes which cater to everyone's skill level and provide an efficient, joint friendly and multiplanar workout. Chona describes herself as a bit of a goofball and promises fun and enjoyable classes that will build confidence and create a boost of positive energy. Chona enjoys running and designs her classes with running specific exercises.

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After 2 years of taking 5focus Kinesis classes, Erin decided to pay it forward by working to motivate, and inspire the people in her classes in the same way a notable few fitness instructors have motivated her. Her energy and enthusiasm propel her classes forward and help her clients build cumulative results.

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As a seasoned fitness enthusiast Gard has tried almost every type of fitness equipment and method available. When he discovered Kinesis, he found new motivation and fell in love with the way it works the core with every exercise. In his classes, Gard creates a fun and inspiring environment to help you build balance, strength, and endurance. His passion for fitness and the Kinesis approach to well-being comes out in each one of his classes and he is dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals.

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Miran graduated from Bastyr University with an exercise science and wellness degree. Miran's expertise includes over 5 years experience in a gym environment and she has American College of Sports Medicine Personal Training certification. She worked with athletes prior to becoming an exercise specialist while working with the senior population. Miran loves to support and motivate people to achieve their goals and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Paññā is student of Life and practitioner of Muay Thai in the Art of 8 limbs. He engages in meditation as an every day essential to cultivate equanimity. He has a passion for fitness and the healthy living lifestyle he finds here in Seattle. Paññā utilizes yoga in daily movement and uses body sculpture, nutrition supplements and healthy eating for optimal health and longevity. Paññā has a holistic approach and uses a diversity of movements to help the mind and body gain momentum, fluidity, flexibility, coordination and to move swiftly with power and concentration. He is pleased to be a part of your journey and hopes to inspire and motivate each and every individual in achieving their fitness goals. Panna works to progress your performance and challenge yourself into adopting a new attitude about exercise for your well-being.

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