Fitness Resolutions

4 Strategies to Help Keep Your 2016 Fitness Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously ineffective, with more than a third of people breaking their goals by the end of January. Typically, most emphasis is placed on fitness or wellness-related goals designed to help people get into shape or make a drastic lifestyle change. Instead of beating yourself up for not keeping your New Year’s Resolutions, consider digging deep and committing to an actual lifestyle change regardless of the day on the calendar.

Keep It Simple

So often people place ridiculous expectations on themselves – “Run 8 miles by the end of August,” “No red meat this year,” or the ever-vague, “Lose weight.” While these goals are certainly enviable, most people won’t even get close without extreme (and often unhealthy) dedication to a change. Instead, keep your goals simple and achievable. Focus on small changes with the intent on building up to larger alterations rather than beating yourself up mentally and physically for not achieving your goals year after year.

Plan Ahead

The best way to implement a long-term plan for change and personal growth is to get organized and find a system that works for you. If you only manage to run once per week and want to change that, don’t start by running every single day. Identify what prevents you from doing that and begin addressing ways to influence that behavior for the better. Set goals for yourself (both long-term and short-term) to incorporate into your daily routine and build toward larger goals as the year progresses.

Stay Accountable

Having a partner or “accountability” buddy is a great way to stay motivated and accountable, but placing restrictions on yourself is the only true way to implement a change. Find a mentor, counselor, or close and honest friend who can support you as you struggle to achieve your goals and celebrate with you as you make progress. Don’t forget, though – it’s up to you to make it happen.

Get Help

All that being said, it’s never a bad idea to consult a professional trainer and wellness provider when committing to a new fitness regiment. At 5focus, we offer fitness and wellness plans for people of every skill level. We can help provide expert insight into healthy alternatives to intimidating gyms and training programs by ensuring your body develops and grows stronger in a safe and natural way. Come try our interval training classes with our special 3 class introductory pass for $25 (tax included). We also offer free 20 minute PT consults for clients looking to answer questions about potential injuries or how to improve exercise techniques and performance.      

Contact 5focus today to find out more about our philosophy or stop by our South Lake Union location to see our process for yourself! From all of us at 5focus, we want to wish you a happy, healthy 2016.

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