Benefits of Regular Massage

5 Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy almost sounds like something from a science-fiction movie, but in reality it’s a hands-on manual manipulation technique that can be very beneficial for some people! Practitioners of craniosacral therapy subscribe to the belief that the cerebrospinal fluid made within the brain has its own rhythm, not tied to breathing or heartbeat/pulse. The therapist is trained to place their hands on a client and tap into that individual’s rhythm. From there, they can locate imbalances in the body or find points of tension or pressure that they will then gently manipulate to improve their client’s sense of well-being and reduce pain and possibly even ongoing trauma responses. If you’re wondering what craniosacral therapy can do for you, here are five of the benefits offered by professionally administered craniosacral therapy.

1. Significant reduction in pain/pain perception. Studies have shown that several months (20 weeks) of regular craniosacral therapy
has a nearly 50% success rate when it comes to substantially reducing chronic neck pain.

2. Increased relaxation during and after craniosacral therapy sessions. The small, manual adjustments made by a craniosacral therapist to the skull, head, neck, and possibly shoulders, can significantly reduce muscular tension and the perception of internalized stress. The therapy helps set the nervous system into the parasympathetic state where we rest and digest.

3. Less pain than massage or chiropractic work. Because craniosacral therapy is a subtle, gradual practice with minor, soft movements instead of deep kneading or abrupt, forceful adjustments, the chances of having a pain response to anything performed during therapy is minimal.

4. Hands-on therapies help you release oxytocin. When humans have skin-to-skin physical interaction with one another, the body releases a compound called oxytocin, which some also call the moral molecule or the love hormone. Oxytocin, which is generally associated with childbirth, breast feeding, and romantic intimacy, is released during close physical contact with another, lowering human stress levels, increasing one’s sense of well-bring and connectedness, and overall helping to improve mood.

5. Less awkwardness than other therapies. There is no full-body nudity required, as is often the case with various other manual therapies, such as massage. There is also no exhausting, physical exercise component. The recipient lays, clothed and comfortable, receiving non-invasive, hands-on therapy, in a quiet, comfortable space and is allowed to fully relax.

If you are considering craniosacral therapy, consider contacting 5focus to set up a first session. Once you’ve experienced this level of relaxation, combined with the potential for pain reduction, you’ll want to come back again right away!