Benefits of Massage

5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massages are sometimes seen as a luxury or an indulgence that only people with too much time on their hands can find beneficial.  While a massage is a comforting and revitalizing experience, there are also some important medical benefits of having regular sessions with an experienced massage therapist.

1. Relieve Stress

This is a major factor in everyone’s lives and people deal with it in different ways.  It’s estimated that about 90% of all diseases are stress-related.   Research shows massage therapy can help manage, process, and reduce stress levels in your body.  Massage also helps decrease overall anxiety, increase energy, create healthier sleep patterns, and improve your response to stressful situations.

2. Ease Muscle Pain

By improving circulation and targeting tightness, massage therapy can reduce the effects of chronic muscle pain due to trauma, repetitive stress-related injuries, and chronic pain.

3. Boost Your Immune System

Studies show regular massage therapy sessions naturally increases the amount of cytotoxic cells and reduces the number of T-cells in your bloodstream.  In other words, it enhances your immune response!  In one study, a group of HIV-positive men were given massages five days per week for a month and demonstrated an increase in serotonin and disease-fighting cells in the immune system.

4. Improves Post-Injury Rehabilitation

While recovering from an injury, regular massage sessions can help increase flexibility and circulation around the injured area.  By physically manipulating the tight tissues surrounding an injury, a massage therapist can break down adhesions in the tissue and help speed up the recovery process.

5. Lower Blood Pressure

Research indicates that regular massage therapy sessions can contribute to the overall lowering of blood pressure in patients suffering from hypertension. By lowering both diastolic and systolic blood pressure and lowering stress hormone levels, patients experience less side effects of hypertension and reduce the potential for anxiety and depression.

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