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5 Reasons 5focus Interval Training Offers More Than Your Average Fitness Class

As we gear up to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of 5focus this November, our team has been reflecting on all we’ve accomplished throughout the past decade (thanks in no small part to the fellow health- and wellness-minded Seattleites who have walked through our doors!).

The more we look back, the clearer it becomes: while the 5focus you’ve come to know and love today is the sum of many parts, our fitness classes are at the heart of the business. Our commitment to interval training as a comprehensive workout method is what helped us build this place, and it’s also what has helped us help you succeed with your fitness goals. We can’t wait to continue transforming lives through interval training in the decades ahead.

You may wonder: why interval training? What makes a 5focus class any different than one at the dozens of other Seattle studios?

Interval training, otherwise known as high-intensity interval training (or HIIT), incorporates a series of intense activities with short rests in between sets. One study even found that HIIT burns three times more fat than steady state aerobic exercise… all in far less time.

Beyond this obvious benefit, the way we structure each 5focus interval training class sets our success (and, by consequence, your success!) several steps above the rest. Here are five reasons why our method delivers results.

1. Small class sizes

We teach in small groups of approximately 8 people per class, so your instructor can provide individual attention to each participant. This ensures we can address any questions you may have about specific exercises and help you receive a more personalized and fulfilling workout experience.

2. Classes resemble personal training

We consider our small group classes more comparable to “small group personal training” sessions. The small class sizes noted above offer the opportunity for individualized coaching, setting us apart from other fitness centers with oversaturated classes (such as many local Crossfit studios). This way, you enjoy the social and accountability-related benefits of group exercise and the customized approach of personal training… all in one! Get more bang for your buck and see better results faster.

3. A balanced workout

We love interval training for many reasons, but one of the most significant perks is that the combination of exercise modalities helps you burn more calories during and after class. Cardio, core, balance, and strength exercises come together to provide a balanced workout that improves your overall athletic performance.

4. Every class is different

Each one of our fitness classes is different; you’ll never experience the same design and will always have the opportunity to practice different cardio options! In the spirit of interval training, variety is at the core of comprehensive fitness.

5. Our secret weapon? Our Kinesis equipment.

Ever wondered how your favorite Olympians get in tip-top shape for the games? Enter Kinesis. Before the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, athletes prepared by incorporating Kinesis workouts into their pre-Olympics exercise regimen.

This revolutionary technology revolves around a resistance cable system that provides a total-body strength and cardio workout. Because the equipment allows for a wide range of movement and various exercise patterns, users can develop muscles in a 360-degree manner, which simultaneously improves muscle tone while reducing injuries.

But Kinesis isn’t just for Olympic athletes! Beginners and professionals alike can adapt the system to work for their unique abilities and goals. 5focus members often report feeling a difference after 5 classes, and seeing a difference after 10 classes.

Ready to try interval training with 5focus? Contact our team today and become part of an ongoing success story 10 years in the making!