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All About Fascia: How Relaxing Connective Tissue Could be the Key to Recovery

Fascia, the connective tissue that stabilizes muscles and internal organs in the human body, is an unrepresented aspect of the physical rehabilitation and recovery process. Three types of fascia exist within the human body (according to one of two major class cation systems):

Superficial Fascia

The lowermost layer of skin, superficial fascia is found throughout the body. It is easily recognizable in the human face, the nape of the neck, and along the breastbone and various other points of the body. Its primary function is to influence the shape of the body, but also serves as a storage medium for fat and water outside of organs, glands, and neurovascular bundles.

Deep Fascia

A layer of dense, fibrous tissue surrounding entire muscles, deep fascia is some of the most difficult to manipulate through massage due to the elasticity or resilience of the tissues.

Visceral Fascia

Visceral fascia helps keeps internal organs in place by wrapping them with connective tissue membranes. Depending on the organ which it surrounds, the visceral fascia may be called several different names. It determines the placement of the organs themselves, so any changes in the integrity of visceral fascia often results in organ prolapse or limited motility.

How Relaxing Fascia Aids Recovery

Deep fascia keeps muscle groups in place, having a direct influence over the skeletal structure, muscular alignment, and posture of the subject in question. Overuse injuries are often a result of repeated motions that cause fascia to restrict muscle movement, which can place pressure on other areas of the body and exasperate chronic physical conditions.

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