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Is It Time for Me to Try Physical Therapy?

If you’ve suffered an injury, you may be wondering if physical therapy could help your recovery. Physical therapy involves the support of a certified, experienced professional who can optimize your healing process after an injury. A physical therapist may implement different pain control techniques such as manual hands-on tissue or joint mobilization, athletic training, postural […]

How Interval Training Helps Runners Perform at Their Peak

You run for many reasons: fitness, short- and long-term health, stress management, and more. Goals can vary from runner to runner, but one especially common objective is to continuously improve your finish time. An abundance of programs exist to help runners achieve this exact goal. Interval training has been proven to be one of the […]

The Best Fitness Secrets for New Mothers

In addition to missing out on sleep and recovering from the physical trauma of childbirth, new moms are sometimes unrealistically expected to bounce back within weeks of delivering. For some, this can mean bouncing back to work, bouncing back to energy, and bouncing back with a pre-baby body, all as soon as possible. It’s no […]

Parents: Why You Should Choose a Fitness Center with Child Care

Maybe you’re starting on your New Year’s resolution in earnest; maybe you’ve been hit with rising membership fees at your previous gym; or maybe you simply want access to fun group exercise classes. Any way you spin it, here you are… on the hunt for a fitness center. While accessibility, workout facilities, class offerings, and […]

How to Enjoy the Holidays and Maintain Your Waistline

Face it: You’re likely going to end up at a fair share of holiday parties this season. Whether you’re volunteering at your child’s classroom cookie party, taking trips to the taco bar at a catered work event, or simply gathering with friends and family for one too many beers and a jam-packed potluck, there are […]

Should You Swap Your Office Chair for an Exercise Ball?

Have you ever scoffed at a particularly active coworker who kept a giant exercise ball near their desk? Or perhaps you’ve heard someone around the office boasting about the personal benefits they’ve noticed from mixing up their seating options? Maybe you are experiencing lower back pain due to sitting in your office chair for extended […]