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Benefits of Fitness Membership

Your journey to good health begins with taking that first step to get started — but how and where should you take that step? Working out with friends? Getting fit at home or in your own backyard? Joining the local gym?

If you’re serious about getting into the best shape possible, you’re sure to find many benefits to signing up for a fitness membership.


It all starts with motivation. When you’re invested in a larger community, the accountability factor can propel you to work out harder and more consistently than you might otherwise. You’re more likely to build like-minded connections and will also have access to trainers and

 other staff to support you on your fitness journey. On those days when you feel like skipping the sweat session for couch time, these perks of being a member can provide the extra push you need.


If you’re stuck with the assumption that a jog is the only accessible way to work out, you may also assume that fitness lacks variety and is something to dread. If this is the case, reframe your thinking by trying out a class! Group classes are a fun and invigorating way to try out new-to-you workout methods. Once you enjoy exercise, you’ll be more motivated and productive as you work toward your fitness goals.

A New Take on Health

Once you get going, you’ll find that working out gives you a new view of your personal health. It can spark a number of other healthy changes, both because you’re more conscious of what your body can do and because you want to fuel it properly for success. For instance, you may start eating right and paying more attention to your hydration. Both of these changes can help you drop weight and get in shape, and you’ll start to enjoy your workouts even more.

The Extras

Membership also gives you a number of potential extras. For instance, some fitness centers (including 5focus!) offer child care centers for members with kids or even additional services such as physical therapy. When you’re part of a strong community that is focused on health and fitness, that community can make the gym feel like a second home.