Upper Body Strength - fitness blog post

The Best Way to Improve Your Upper Body Strength

While standard exercise will certainly go a long way to help you build an strong and toned body overall, more specific fitness goals — such as increased upper body strength — require a more focused training approach. While working and toning each area of the body is important to achieve optimal body composition, many people start by prioritizing the upper body, as the results (toned muscles, a more defined waistline, and greater lifting strength) can be especially noticeable. In addition to enhancing appearance, healthy upper body strength can improve posture and may even assist in preventing workout-related injuries.

In order to take your workout to the next level and realize the multiple benefits increased upper body strength can offer, incorporate Kinesis interval training into your workout routine.

Benefits of Interval Training on Upper Body Strength

Interval training, by definition, alternates periods of high-intensity exercise with periods of rest and is critical to developing upper body strength. These intense periods of exercise have proven to elicit gains in upper body strength that cannot be realized through traditional steady-state training alone. Not only is interval training beneficial to those looking to achieve a sculpted body, it is also incredibly advantageous to runners, cyclists, swimmers, and other athletes looking to build their upper body endurance.

In addition to developing overall performance in athletes, interval training targeted to increasing upper body strength has the added benefit of helping individuals of all fitness levels stave off the natural decline of muscle strength we all experience as we age. Interval training targeted to the upper body does not have to be agonizing, nor is it only for those looking to pack on muscle mass. In fact, common interval exercises such as bicep curls, sprints, bench presses, dips, and planks can not only improve upper body strength, but can build up other core muscles and provide a solid calorie burn to promote weight loss.

Kinesis to Help Strengthen and Tone

One of the hottest, most unique interval training advancements, Kinesis, is also an ideal way to build upper body strength. Kinesis utilizes resistance cables to maneuver the body through a series of exercises which are both challenging and rewarding. Kinesis classes, taught in an intimate and individualized small group setting at 5focus, help strengthen and tone by employing continuous-resistance loop cables to train various muscles from multiple angles. These fun and engaging group sessions provide an excellent full-body workout that will help sculpt and tone your entire body.

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