figure skating knee pain

Knee Pain and Ice Skaters

Most injuries I see in my clinic and hear about at the rink are associated with knee pain or knee injury. Sometimes this is due to falls causing acute injuries to the knee such as bruising (or contusions) or more serious injuries like bone fracture or damage to the knee’s soft tissue structures such as […]

Benefits of Fitness - fitness blog

Benefits of Fitness Membership

Your journey to good health begins with taking that first step to get started — but how and where should you take that step? Working out with friends? Getting fit at home or in your own backyard? Joining the local gym? If you’re serious about getting into the best shape possible, you’re sure to find […]

Upper Body Strength - fitness blog post

The Best Way to Improve Your Upper Body Strength

While standard exercise will certainly go a long way to help you build an strong and toned body overall, more specific fitness goals — such as increased upper body strength — require a more focused training approach. While working and toning each area of the body is important to achieve optimal body composition, many people […]

Interval Training - fitness blog post

Interval Training Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re active and working to stay fit, chances are you’ve tried or at least heard of interval training. Sometimes referred to as high intensity interval training (HIIT), it involves performing brief but intense exercises with a high level of exertion. Each exercise typically lasts between 30 and 90 seconds, intersected with short rest periods. […]

Tone and Strengthen

5 Reasons 5focus Interval Training Offers More Than Your Average Fitness Class

As we gear up to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of 5focus this November, our team has been reflecting on all we’ve accomplished throughout the past decade (thanks in no small part to the fellow health- and wellness-minded Seattleites who have walked through our doors!). The more we look back, the clearer it becomes: while the […]

Treatment for Pain

When to Seek Treatment for Pain Issues

Whether you’re an athlete who experiences post-practice aches or a professional who notices occasional discomfort after a long day at your desk, how do you know if your pain symptoms require an expert’s attention? Are your issues simply your body’s natural response to high-impact exercise? Did you just pull a muscle that will heal on […]