Interval Training in South Lake Union

How Interval Training Helps Runners Perform at Their Peak

You run for many reasons: fitness, short- and long-term health, stress management, and more. Goals can vary from runner to runner, but one especially common objective is to continuously improve your finish time.

An abundance of programs exist to help runners achieve this exact goal. Interval training has been proven to be one of the most effective ways for runners to improve their performance, from increasing distance and speed to building endurance. However, not all interval training programs are created equal. If you truly want to improve your pace before your next race, it’s important to find the right class.

Interval Training Benefits

Studies have shown that just six weeks of sprint interval training will result in significant performance improvements compared to simple endurance training. Because the intensity is ramped up compared to other traditional programs, interval training can help you achieve the results you desire in a fraction of the time. Reach peak performance while spending less time training and more free time on other hobbies!

With a properly formatted seven-week interval training program, you can reduce your daily mileage by up to 50 percent while adding in interval training sessions three times a week. This alone can allow you to improve your 5K time by up to a minute.

In addition to the physical benefits, interval training can help you push past the dreaded mental block. Runners often begin to experience boredom and mental exhaustion on long-distance endurance runs. Switching up the routine to a more balanced program will keep your training interesting, your mind sharp, and your confidence high.

Find the Right Interval Program for You

In order to get the maximum benefits of interval training, you need to find the right program to suit your training needs. Start improving your race time and athletic ability today with a 5focus program designed to improve endurance and pace. It is never too early to start training for your next marathon!