Tone and Strengthen

How 5focus Kinesis Training Translates to Real-World Activities

Kinesis Interval Training, the fun and energetic fitness strategy at 5focus, isn’t just a great way to get in shape – regular Kinesis classes can actually lead to noticeable benefits in your favorite athletic activities.
A low-impact, dynamic strength training solution, Kinesis can provide excellent results for participants of every skill level, from beginner to extreme athlete.  5focus classes can augment repetitive athletic motions such as swinging a golf club, tennis racket, or certain strokes for competitive swimmers – as well as improving your performance in running, hiking, biking, or even CrossFit activities.

For regular 5focus Kinesis Interval Training participants, the results are clear. Our small class size and expert instructors provide a unique workout experience that compliments your other athletic endeavors. Here’s what a few of our long term workout clients have to say:

“5focus classes changed my cardio, I feel like I can run or walk further without getting tired as fast. I also noticed that when I am lifting or doing awkward motions that I am using my legs and core to lift and/or twist with the right muscles.”

“Kinesis has helped both my golf and water-skiing. I noticed my back wasn’t as sore after playing golf, and after the first waterskiing runs of the year, I wasn’t sore like I have been every year in the past.”

“Three times a week of Kinesis keeps my waistline tight. I use Kinesis three times a week all summer long to keep in bathing suit shape. It’s also a good way to keep ready for all my mountain-biking, skiing, running, and hiking activities- at least twice a week.”

“For people who are fit, healthy, and not necessarily looking to make a physical change, I think 2x/week is a good way to add variety. It’s a good way to keep your body tuned up and able to execute real-world movements with a solid structure and good form, thereby avoiding injuries.”

Check out our new video or sign up for a Kinesis class at 5focus today to learn more about how Kinesis can help you realize your fitness and athletic goals without the strain of other resistance training systems!