Soft Tissue Injuries

Is It Time for Me to Try Physical Therapy?

If you’ve suffered an injury, you may be wondering if physical therapy could help your recovery. Physical therapy involves the support of a certified, experienced professional who can optimize your healing process after an injury. A physical therapist may implement different pain control techniques such as manual hands-on tissue or joint mobilization, athletic training, postural education, functional movement exercise and more. A customized care plan can help you regain strength, range of motion, and full functionality in injured or impaired areas of your body. Your therapist can also help you prevent against future injuries.

Highly trained physical therapists have an intimate understanding of how the human body works. As such, they are experts at engaging patients with recovery-promoting practices, from massage to gentle exercise. During treatment, injured patients can also learn about safer ways to move, bend, and be active while reducing the risk of future injuries. Particularly for those trying to stay active, this expert education can be one of the most beneficial outcomes of physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Isn’t Just for Sports Injuries or Surgery Patients

Many people may not realize that conditions other than those caused by traumatic injuries can be mitigated through physical therapy. Those who suffer from painful or degenerative conditions, such as Parkinson’s Disease or arthritis, can also benefit from regular sessions. Physical therapy can also be an important part of the recovery process for those who have experienced strokes or severe cardiac events. If you are recovering from an injury or suffering from an illness, you may want to speak with your doctor about the potential usefulness of physical therapy.

Common Reasons to Seek Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often a go-to treatment for those who suffer work or sports injuries. A physical therapist can help those who suffered a broken bone or soft tissue injury during and after the healing process. Common injuries that benefit from physical therapy include knee injuries or replacements, hip injuries or replacements, balance issues and vertigo, cancer recovery, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, strains and fractures. Generally, sports injuries and surgical joint work require physical therapy for complete recovery.

Many people, from athletes hoping to prevent injuries or recover from one to patients who are working to regain function after a stroke, can benefit from treatment. If you believe physical therapy may be beneficial to your recovery, overall health, or performance, talk to your doctor or consult with the experienced physical therapist team at 5focus today!