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Small Group Personal Training

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Clients new to our South Lake Union HIIT Classes receive two weeks of workouts for the price of one. 

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Try some of Seattle’s best massage therapists and receive $40 off your first massage!

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HIIT Fitness Classes

South Lake Union & Lower Queen Anne

Small Group Personal Training at 1/4 the Price!

5focus Movement Studio specializes in small group personal training. We allow only eight participants per class, which provides you individual attention from our expert instructors. Consider a 5focus workout your affordable personal training session! We believe this intimate class environment improves your ability to move safely and powerfully during all your activities.

At 5focus we want to share our expertise so that you become an expert in your own body. Our instructors receive intensive training in the 5focus physical therapy approach to exercise. As a result, our classes emphasizes posture, breath, mental focus, strength, balance, and endurance all in one workout. Our South Lake Union and Lower Queen Anne HIIT classes are addictive. Expect to notice an improvement in your daily life and athletic pursuits after 5-6 sessions. 

We use high intensity interval training (HIIT) to boost metabolism.  Our revolutionary Kinesis equipment defines and transforms your strength and muscle definition. We use a variety of exercise class equipment such as TRX, BOSU, free weights, ropes, punching bags, and even a Pilates Reformer. Our approach improves your athletic performance and reduces injuries in your other workouts, whether CrossFit, running, hiking, biking, rowing, or just lifting the groceries. Learn more about our unique workout approach here.


5focus provides patients a full treatment session 1:1 with our expert physical therapists. We only hire clinicians with ten years of experience and a specialty in manual therapy. Our physical therapist experts partner with you to assess your needs and customize a plan of care specific to your goals and lifestyle. This 5focus treatment model causes patients to get better faster.

If you have a poor physical therapy experience in your past, 5focus can change your perspective. We believe you don’t have to live in pain or avoid the activities you love to do. We improve outcomes for nearly every kind of patient that walks through our Lower Queen Anne & South Lake Union Physical Therapy clinic door. Come give us a try and experience the difference for yourself. Learn more here.


South Lake Union & Lower Queen Anne Professionals

5focus only hires outstanding Seattle massage therapists. Our massage team works side by side with our physical therapists to offer you a wealth of experience and fine touch. Our expert massage therapists design your session based on your individual needs that day. All you need to do is clearly communicate your needs and expectations.

5focus massage therapy sessions help you recover from injury, release stagnant energy, relax muscles, reduce pain and improve your sense of well-being. Our gifted massage therapists are experts in the connective tissue of the body (called fascia). This expertise allows them to treat any area of the body in a focused manner while still addressing your whole system. Come enjoy our unique approach to South Lake Union & Lower Queen Anne Massage Therapy and experience the difference for yourself. Learn more here.