Tone and Strengthen

What to Expect from Your First Kinesis Classes

   Kinesis® Interval Training is a fun and energetic new fitness program, but as with many exercise concepts, it can be intimidating for newcomers. Thankfully, 5focus provides a small group environment and instructors are trained to create a quality experience for both beginners and veterans. Here’s what beginners can expect during their first few 5focus Kinesis® classes:


1st Class: Arrive early for class. We will have you fill out a bit of paperwork and provide you with a tour of our studio. Wear workout clothes you aren’t afraid to sweat in and bring a water bottle. 5focus employees and veteran Kinesis® clients help people new to 5focus feel welcome. We all want you to have a successful experience, and we all know the first class is the hardest.  Most new clients experience mental and physical exhaustion during or after your first session. This is normal!



2-3 classes: 5focus Kinesis® Interval Training Classes move your body and your mind and it’s best to be patient with yourself. Try different instructors! Each 5focus expert instructor designs classes differently, so each class focuses on different aspects of the body. Your confidence begins to improve as you start to understand the unique Kinesis® exercises and remember the class format. 5focus expects all new clients, no matter their fitness level, to feel successful after three classes. By this time, you’ve found your “sweet spot:” when to push yourself, when to rest, and how to keep up with the pace of the class.  We recommend you complete your $25 3-class introductory package ideally over a two-week period.


3-5 classes: Work hard and have fun doing it! Your mind and body begin to master our unique class designs and Kinesis® exercises. You will feel stronger and more confident with each class. If you are participating in other workouts, you will begin to notice improvements in your technique or performance. Physically you continue to experience soreness but you also begin to experience a new sense of core strength and tightening. Your mental performance with work and response to stress improves as well.


10 classes: Class begins to feel like it flew by, or maybe even feels easy. Soreness decreases or disappears. You can notice a difference in the mirror and often other people will begin to notice changes in your posture or arms. Kinesis® clients typically reports improvements in endurance, strength, coordination, and better athletic form and performance. Planks and other core exercises become easier as your core changes in response to the Kinesis® technology. Runners begin to notice the end of the runs are faster or easier.

The good news? Many of our customers see results after only a few months of dedicated Kinesis® training between 2-3 times per week. The classes are exciting, fast-paced, and welcoming to newcomers and veterans alike.

Find out why Kinesis® is all the rage! Book a discounted introductory package of Kinesis® classes at 5focus today – just $25 for 3 complete Kinesis® small group training classes!